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Temorarily By-Appointment Only

By Russell Wilson on 12 July 2024

Please note that we are temporarily operating by-appointment only and will not have regular open hours while we welcome a new member to our family! Please still reach out if you have a need for any late replacement plants or information to aide in your summer gardens. You can find our latest contact information the Contact us page. Happy Gardening to all!

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Transplant Shock

By Caitlin Wilson on 6 May 2023

Have you ever lost a vegetable seedling after you transplanted it? Have you ever wondered why your transplanted seedlings look so droopy after transplanting? Have you experienced incredibly slow growth after transplanting your seedlings? Read on to learn how to avoid or minimize these transplanting issues! What is transplant shock? Plants are meant to be grown in the same place over their entire lifespan. When plants are moved, their roots often suffer some damage from either being dug up or from handling during transplantation.

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What is hardening off?

By Caitlin Wilson on 13 April 2023

Greenhouse kept seedlings are not exposed to the full spectrum of the sun because the plastic or glass layers block some of the sunlight. This means that the plant seedlings can actually sunburn if they are suddenly exposed to the sun full time after growing up in the greenhouse! The same is true of wind. A plant started in the ground is exposed to wind as soon as the seedling emerges.

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Hate Weeding? Try These Strategies!

By Caitlin Wilson on 24 June 2022

Keeping up with weeds can be a full time job sometimes. It is the least pleasant part of maintaining a summer garden. We all want to spend as little time as possible on tasks we don’t enjoy. Read on for tools and strategies that can help you reduce this time consuming task. Tilling You can use tilling strategically to control weeds at the start of your season. 2-4 weeks before you wish to start your garden bed, till the weeds under.

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Companion Planting

By Caitlin Wilson on 24 May 2022

What is companion planting? Did you know there are ways to increase your garden’s yield without the use of fertilizers or pesticides? While pesticides and fertilizers certainly have their place in the garden, they are not the only tools you can use to help get the most out of your garden. Companion planting, or intercropping as it is known in the scientific community, can be used to help keep your plants healthy and productive.

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