Large Area Garden Tilling Service

Have a large garden or want to turn a large space into a new garden? Let us help with that. We offer on-site garden tilling services to prepare your areas for planting. Starting at only $50. Contact us today to get a quote and/or schedule an on-site survey visit to ensure your garden can support our equipment.


Base Price     Location/Distance
$50/minimum     Within 15 Minutes of Alcony, OH
$70/minimum     Within 25 Minutes of Alcony, OH
Contact Us     More than 25 Minutes of Alcony, OH


15 Minutes from Alcony, OH   25 Minutes from Alcony, OH
15 Minutes from Alcony, OH   25 Minutes from Alcony, OH


Large Area Fee     Tilling Area
+$20     750 - 1500 sqft
+$40     1500 - 2000 sqft
Contact Us     More than 2000 sqft


There are a few restrictions to our tilling service that we can help assess during our free site survey:

  • Our minimum tilling path width is 4-5 feet
  • Must have access to the garden area with proper clearances for our tractor to maneuver
  • All gates and accesses must be at least 6 feet in width
  • Garden area must be prepared and cleared prior to appointment time (i.e. no large rocks, sticks, branches, etc.)
  • Area must be relatively dry (i.e. not muddy)

Tractor with Tiller

Our agricultural tractor with 4ft tiller

We use a compact agricultural tractor for our tilling service. While we can cover large areas very rapidly, its tires may leave small divots through any access areas and around any areas to be tilled. Note that we do our best to minimize any damages due to moving our equipment through the surrounding yard and areas, but depending on your unique location, marks may be visible where our tractor is operated. We are not responsible for any damage done to the yard area as a result of moving our equipment through the space.