Longarm Quilting Services


  • Edge to edge meandering (stipple): $0.018 per square inch. This design uses a single thread color to cover your quilt from edge to edge with loose curved stitches that will give your quilt a wonderful texture.
  • Edge to edge (pantographs): A single quilting pattern is used on your entire quilt top. Designs are chosen to compliment your quilt top and emphasize your hard work. Prices range depending on how dense your pantograph is. If you prefer a looser design it’s $0.02 per square inch and denser designs start at $0.025 per square inch.
  • Custom quilting: custom quilting starts at $0.35 per square inch and is quoted based on the patterns you request.

Not sure what you want? Contact me and attach a few photos of your top so I can help you find the best fit for your work!

To calculate a quilting price, multiply the length and width of your quilt to get your total square inches, then multiply by the price per square inches for your chosen design.

For example, if you have a 60 x 60 inch quilt and you want a loose edge to edge design, multiply 60 x 60 x 0.02 for a price of $72.

Binding services

I will make your custom bias tape for flat fee of $25. Maximum length 460 inches.

I offer binding services machine/hand binding at $0.30 a linear inch. Your binding will be machine stitched to the front and hand stitched to the back with mitered corners unless otherwise specified. There is a $40 minimum for this service and you provide me with the binding.

To calculate price, add the length of all 4 sides of your quilt together and multiply by 0.3 For example, if you have a 36×36 inch square quilt, add 36+36+36+36 and multiply by 0.3 to get $43.20.

Non quilting services

  • Minor seam repairs, securing outer seams, pressing, etc)– price dependent upon the work needing to me done. $10 minimum charge.
  • Trimming your quilt square: $10

Quilt preparation

  • Trim and remove all loose threads on the back of your top.
  • Press your top and backing seams flat and be sure all your seams are sewn securely.
  • Ensure your top lies flat. If your top does not lie flat, it may result in your quilt being out of square and puckers may be sewn in during quilting.
  • Your backing and batting should be 4 inches larger than your top on all sides (a total of 8 inches longer than the top’s length and a total of 8 inches longer than the top’s width).
  • Your top, backing, and batting should be 3 separate pieces. They are loaded one by one into the machine.
  • If you prewashed your quilt fabrics, you should also prewash your backing fabric to ensure your quilt does not shrink strangely after it is washed for the first time.