The greenhouse is nice and toasty now!

Well we finally got the sides up on the greenhouse! Now it’s nice and toasty in there, even with the severe winds we have today. I didn’t know we were going to get such as test so soon but it looks like the fasteners are doing their job! Also our dogs now refuse to leave the greenhouse but are also requesting somewhere squishy to lay. They are too spoiled. Up next I need to harvest the rest of my snow peas, green beans, onions, cilantro, and arugula.

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New Additions

We have been hard at work these last 3 weeks. We have been putting up the scaffolding for the green house, saving back seeds, harvesting the fall garden, and upgrading our machinery. I am now happy to offer long arm services, embroidery services, and custom art commissions. You can now find more information for these services under the Services tab. Some progress shots of the greenhouse. We hope to get the sides up soon.

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Expanding our Capabilities

This month we are building a greenhouse so we can start seedlings in the late winter/early spring. We started by building a form for the base and securing it to the ground with 5 foot sections of rebar. The base shouldn’t move anywhere! Next we laid down a geotextile fabric to keep weeds from growing up through the gravel base. After the gravel was delivered, we spread the gravel with the tractor and by hand as needed.

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