Sewing Lessons

Basic sewing

These lessons will cover how to set up a sewing machine for basic projects such as pillows, a simple stuffed toy, or a basic item of clothing such as a T-shirt or an apron.

  • If you have your own sewing machine, you can bring it along and we can use it to get you started sewing on it right away!
  • Don’t have your own sewing machine? That’s fine, we have several! Come learn on ours and we can give you suggestions for what to look for based on your sewing goals.

Rate: $40 for a two hour introductory session.

Introduction to quilting

Never quilted before but want to learn? Lessons cover how to build a quilt from start to finish. Lesson subjects include

  • Basic block making
  • Quilt top assembly
  • Quilt basting
  • Quilting the quilt
  • Binding the quilt (finishing)

Rate: $25 per hour

Advanced quilting subjects

  • Curved piecing quilts
  • Designing your own quilt pattern
  • Free motion quilting

Rate: $25 per hour

Hand embroidery/cross stitch

  • Learn how to turn thread and fabric into beautiful hand made creations!
  • Learn basic stitches to turn your favorite patterns or photos into art.

Rate: $25 per hour